Saturday, May 31, 2008

Leona's Lie

As a parent your always concerned about your children's well being. You will do what ever it takes to protect them from all harm and do what ever it takes to keep them happy and healthy. And Joy and I are no exception to the rule.

Lately my oldest daughter Leona has been suffering a lot from allergy from pollen. Last week we took her to the doctor for a check up. They found some fluid in her lungs along with her other issues. They of course prescribed medications to help eliminate the issue.

Well Tuesday the day after Memorial day Leona started to cry and told her Aunt who watches her during the day that she was in pain and started to hold her side. She told the baby sitter that last week the doctor said their was something wrong with her side according to the doctor.

So of course the baby sitter called in a panic and I left work to bring her to the doctor. As most of you know most companies will not pay you for a holiday if you take out unscheduled time off the day before or after the holiday. But only thinking of Leona and her welfare I rushed out of work.

The only problem was there was nothing wrong with her. I brought her to the doctor as stated to get her checked out only to find out she was lying about being sick. I wanted to strangle her but had to remember she was only six. So of course I did by best to try to explain why lyes are bad. I just hope she got the message. Oh by the way my new manager at work was able to get me paid for the holiday.
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Tactical and Practical

The new 511 shorts by LA Police Gear are both tactical and practical. They are designed so that the officer wearing the garments can carry bulky items and still remain very durable. This is very important to police officers. The 511 shorts come in three styles tactical shorts, which are 100% cotton, the tactical nylon shorts and the academy shorts.

LA Police gear has a complete line of tactical gear to choose from the 511 shorts are just the tip of the ice burg. They have also have full pants, shirts, vests and full tactical outfits. They even have gear for those all so important female officers. So if you’re a police officer or thinking of becoming one check out their site today.

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Thursday, May 29, 2008

From Three to Zero in 60 Seconds

Google Inc.Image via WikipediaI got porked by Google the most fickle search engine on the planet. My page range dropped from 3 to 0 without a warning. Why because I have sought to make a few bucks by receiving compensation for a few posts. What do these losers think people are on the web for their profit only.

So Google kiss my Google page rank!!!!!!
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Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Movie Day

Monday we all went to see the new Narnia movie at the theater. Surprisingly both girls were very well behaved. That is great because there will be many more movies for kids coming out this year. I look forward to spending all my hard earned cash on family fun.
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Monday, May 26, 2008

Let There Be Light

From my days as a real estate agent let me say nothing can bring out the warmth and beauty of home for less money than quality lighting. For the most part light fixtures are reasonably inexpensive but they help set the mood of a room and affect the sale ability of a home.

An attractive chandeliers in a foyer or formal dinning room can ad a touch of class that says this home is quality. While kitchen lighting fixtures should say practical well light work space but with a touch of class. Some old style homes use lamps with light switches. But trust me having lived with this out of date idea I can say for resale value on your home you need first class ceiling light fixtures.

And don’t forget the exterior lighting fixtures. Inadequate exterior lighting is a problem for many homeowners. This is an area that you should never skimp on. The exterior lighting that you choose says as much about you as how well you maintain your lawn or upkeep the exterior of your home.

Six Flags Adventure

Six Flags Theme Parks, Inc.Image via WikipediaWell last week we told the kids we would take them to Edaville Railroad in Carver, MA. on Sunday. To my dismay Saturday night I looked online to see what time they opened. They don't open till mid June. That's really stupid considering everybody else is open this weekend. So we decided to bite the bullet and spend the extra money and drive the extra miles to Six Flags in Agawam, MA. This was a two hour ride each way.

We spent a ton of money but we had a ball. There are three kids areas Loony Toon Town, Wiggles World and Thomas the Train Town. Loony Toons was all themed for Bugs Bunny and the gang. The Wiggles of course was the Wiggles T.V. Show, and Tomas the Train was of course all thomas stuff.

We saw two cute shows at the park. One was a Wiggles show with the Wiggles characters, the real wiggles were not there but will be in June. The second show was a Lonny Toons version of American Idol. Joy was happy because she got her picture taken with Tweety.
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Keeping The Kids Safe While Driving

All of us remember the incident with Brittany Spears where she was driving around without a car seat for her kids. We were all outraged by the careless, thoughtless way she treated her kids. As a parent our children’s safety and well-being is priority number one. That is why you need to have a car seat for toddler.

I know if you’re from an older generation a car seat for toddler or babies was not part of your thought process. My mother told me that they did not think it was necessary back in the 50’s and 60’s. But then again that generation though asbestos was okay too.

But we know better we believe that a car seat for toddler is a necessary investment to keep our children safe. This summer as we travel around on various day trips I’m glad to know that my kids are safely buckled in to their cars seats.

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Saturday, May 24, 2008

Tracing my Royal Bloodline

Royal family of France in Classical costume during the reign of Louis XIVImage via Wikipedia

Sorry no recent posts. I’ve been absorbed in tracing my royal bloodline. As most of those who read my site know that I love genealogy and history. I recently discovered that my family has a connection to the French Royal Family. Threw Catherine Baillion who came to Canada as part of a program to help populate New France.

Catherine ‘s family was a minor royal bloodline for a few generations because it was the daughters of daughters of royalty. But it dos connect into the Kings of France and ultimately with Charlemagne First Emperor of The Holy Roman Empire.

The Interesting thing as that one of her ancestors traces linage to some of the Emperors of the Byzantine Empire. So you can see the distraction. This is a genealogist’s fantasy come true. Of course this and $2.50 will buy you a cup of coffee.

Monday, May 19, 2008

The Ice Cream Bribe

Strawberry Ice Cream with StrawberriesImage via WikipediaAs a parent I am always looking for ways to motivate my kids to be on their best behavior. This is easier said then done. It seems Joy and I are always on their case about cleaning their room and putting away their toys. We are always challenged to get them to eat something besides junk food.

So Joy had an idea. If the kids behave all week, If they clean their room and not make the baby sitter pull out all her hair then we will give them a special treat. We will take them out for Ice Cream on Sunday Afternoon.

I'm not sure it will work but what the hey I get Ice Cream too. So will try it for awhile and let you know if it works. But even if it dos not I will try to convince Joy to keep trying because hey I get to eat Ice cream. LOL.

Visit London England

If you’re into history like I am then one place you need to go is London England. There are lots of cool places to explore, the tower of London, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, and London Bridge. Also sites like Piccadilly Circus.

Besides the site seeing London has many fines restaurants and culture to absorb. There is plenty to keep you busy. Then at the end of your long day of exploration you will want to relax in one of the London Hotels. They’re lots to choose from.

London Hotels can range from very expensive luxury establishments to reasonable price decent respectable hotels. Just try to figure out your budget and what part of town is best for you. Personally when I travel I choose my hotel location by proximity to good food. After all sight seeing makes me hungry.

Maybe your different maybe you go by proximity to sightseeing locations or hot nightspots. God knows London England has lots of all of these. London has clubs and bars; it has tourist locations galore and oh yes great restaurants all over. London England is a great place for a family vacation. Plus it is a great location from which to explore other English towns and villages.

Week End Barbeque

Ships of the multinational fleet Combined Task Force-150Image via WikipediaThis past Saturday was a wonderful day that we spent with good friends. My wife Joy has two friends that are also from the Philippines. Lisa who is married to Steve and who is our children's baby sitter and Josette who is married to Bernie.

Steve and Lisa live about 10 or 15 minutes away and go to the same church we do, but Josette and Bernie live about an hour away. Bernie is in the Navy. We get to see Lisa and Steve almost daily but it is a special treat to see our other friends from Newport.

I'm sad because soon Bernie will get reassigned and we may never see them again. I'm happy for Bernie's continued success but I will really miss them. We have so much in common and are kids are the same age.

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Keeping in contact with those you love.


When I was in sales one of the first things that I learned was to make a contact list of all your past and present clients and your potential contact base. You do this to keep in touch and have them remember you. It's a great concept but what about the people who really count what a bout family and friends.

What if we took the time to appreciate the ones we love by something simple like sending Birthday cards. It is a simple little act of kindnesses that means so much to everyone you know. There are so many great people in our lives that mean so much to us that we take for granted.

We will all remember the do or die cards. You know the ones that make you look like a jerk if you don't get, like your parents, your spouse and such. But what about all the other special people in your life. What about your Aunts, Uncles and Cousins. What about people at work or church and synagogues. What about other special people in your community. Sending out Birthday cards to all these people with out an motive like sales people have will cause you to gain respect in the eyes of your piers.

I know your thinking cards cost a fortune but not if you buy them in bulk. That is why I go to cards Direct. I can customize the saying in the card and they cost less. Instead of going to a card shop in the mall and paying $3.00 or $4.00 for one card I can buy in bulk and get the cards as low as $1.50 each.

Happy Mother's Day

To Joy, the mother of my children, a very Happy Mother's Day.
To Nita, Joy's Mom, Happy Mother's Day.
To my Mom, who is with the Lord, Happy Mother's Day I miss You.

Friday, May 9, 2008

Starting a New Website

If your thinking about starting up a new website one of the first thing you must consider is what is the purpose of my website. What do I want to accomplish do I want to sell a product, do I want to educate someone about some subject that I have knowledge. It's like going to college you need to have some idea why your there, besides partying of course. You think what is my major. Well you need to do that with your new website,

After you have a idea in my for your site you need to consider website design. You need to have a web site that is both functional and stylish. It not you will look amateurish and no one will take you serious. You can design your own platform or you can choose a pre-made template and some are free or you can find a top notch service to design the site for you. I suggest a free template if possible to get started you can always reinvest your money and upgrade later.

The 3rd thing you need to do after your website design is to pick a hosting service to put your web site on. There are many find hosting services to choose from so do your homework and choose wisely. The last thing to do once you know what your site will be about, once you have made your web site design, and after you have picked your hosting package is to promote your site to drive traffic to your site.

Sci Fi Friday

Sci Fi Channel (United States)Image via WikipediaI'm excited for Fridays for multiple reasons. First of all the obvious it's the start of the weekend. But most of all my favorite shows com on T.V. tonight.

First my favorite of all Battle Star Galatica, which is much better than original series. But I still like the original as well. Then there is Doctor Who and a new Spin off The Sarah Jane Chronicles. In a few months they will restart up Stargate Atlantis and Flash Gordon. Thank God for the Sci-Fi Channel.
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Thursday, May 8, 2008

Reality T.V. Shows

If your like most people in America today you hooked on reality shows. I personal love Survivor and the Amazing Race. Other shows we have watched are the Bachelor, and Beauty and the Geek. I came across a website the other day called Reality Bug, the site features Reality T.V. News. There is a lot of info to check out so if you like Reality T.V. Then check them out.

Leona's Bike

Training wheel(補助輪)Image via WikipediaWell of course as we all know it is Spring time at last. The kids are finally able to go outside and play. Thank God! They were starting to get on my nerves in the house constantly. But now Leona has it in her head that the training wheels must come off and Daddy must teach her to ride her bike. I know it probably is about time but I am a bit nervous about her falling and getting hurt. Silly I know but that's just being Dad. So this weekend I will be teaching my not so little baby girl ti ride a bike.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Calling the Philippines

As must of you know my wife Joy is from the Philippines. One of her weekly routines is to call home to speak to her family. Besides her Mom and Dad she has two younger brothers and a younger sister.

It's been hard for her to be separated from her family and I encourage her to call home often. The only problem is it can get a bit expensive using the local phone companies. Yes they have international plans but often screw up and charge full price. Yes they will fix it after an hour on the phone but who needs that kind of hassle.

That is why joy started using a prepaid phone card. She is able to purchase them for what we can afford. And because it has a limit you can stay to a certain amount of time on the phone which also helps keep you on budget. If you use the regular phone companies there is no limit to how long you can talk so you can rack up way to high a bill. Using a phone card really is the best way to go if you intend to call home regularly and still be able to main a reasonable cost.

Childrens Prayers

St. Felix of Cantalice, OFM Cap.Image by +Our Lady, Mary Mediatrix of All Grace+ via FlickrI just got the joy of tucking my two girls to bed. Nothing is more enjoyable than the hugs and kisses that come along with tucking these sweet little girls. Of course it can be a bit of a challenge sometimes just getting them to bed. Tonight it was an hour later than it should be. You know kids always and excuse for not going to bed.

My favorite part is saying their night time prayers. We do the now I lay me down to sleep prayer, we do the Our Father and The Hail Mary, and of course the blessings of the family and friends, but most important I have taught them to ask God for forgiveness and to have Jesus come into their hearts and to fill them with the Holy Spirit. I know they don't really understand it all at this point but I want them to get their hearts ready for God.

Wedding Favors

Not long ago I went to the fanciest wedding I had ever been to. After the wedding was over the wedding favors were chocolate covered apples. Don't get me wrong I enjoyed eating the treat but candy bars etc for wedding favors just doesn't create that long term memories that weddings should.

Why go cheesy when there are so many cool wedding favors to choose from. There are heart shaped measuring spoons, heart shaped mint tins, bride and groom bottle stoppers and even heart shaped salt and pepper shakers. With so many ideas to choose from forget chocolate bars that eaten before the guests get home.

If I was going to advise someone planning a wedding I would suggest to you to check out a site I saw while surfing the wed the other day, Truly Wedding Favors. They have lots of choices such as those mentioned above. So if your planning a wedding or know someone who may be check them out.

Daddy Play With Dolls

Oh my girls just want me to play with dolls. I try to tell them dads are not really good at playing with Barbie Dolls. But we have to try anyway. but honestly I really don't know much about girl toys.

Barack Obama – Nouveau Richie

If Ever there was a rags to riches or Nouveau Richie story it would be the story of Senator Barack Obama. Here is a guy who is a heart beat from become the first black President of the United States of America, who was just two years ago a nobody. But today is there anyone in the free world who has not herd of Senator Barack Obama.

Mr. Obama started out life as the son of an immigrant from Africa. He worked his way threw school and and into public office at local level. He then succeeded in becoming the Senator from Illinois, quit an achievement in and of itself. But Barack Obama has pushed on to even greater things.

Barack Obama has become the front runner for the Democratic National Party. He has a good shot at becoming the first ever black President of the United States of America. Win or lose Mr. Obama is surely an inspiration to millions of young black men and woman and an example of the American dream.

They are surly saying if Barack Obama can become a member of the Nouveau Richie a man who makes a million dollars a year so can't I. They are saying if Barack Obama can become President of the United States than so can I. Barack Obama is inspiring the black youth of America to follow the American dream.

My Two Front Teeth

A third molar.Image via WikipediaRecently Leona lost both her front teeth. It is kind of strange seeing her that way. She lost one naturally because a permanent tooth was pushing threw. But the second was because she tripped and fell and broke the tooth. We felt really bad because we knew it hurt. But she learned a valuable lesson about paying attention to what you are doing. It's to bad kids sometimes need to find out the hard way.

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Web site Design

Everyone wants their site to be the best site it can be. I remember looking around looking for a template for my blog because I wasn't satisfied with the original design. Even today I'm not really satisfied with my blog's appearance. I still feel like I need a complete overhaul. I just started reading a new blog called Web Design Blog.

The Author's Robert and Andrei have an awesome blog all about blog and website design. They also have articles about other topics as well. But for now I'm interested mostly in the design aspect. Because like I said my site needs a bit of an overhaul.

Kings and Queens

The crown of the Holy Roman Empire (2nd half of the 10th century), now held in the Vienna SchatzkammerImage via WikipediaI just got a part of my genealogy done by someone at The American French Genealogy society. According to this 49 page document I am related to Charlemagne Emperor of the Holy Roman Empire from whom where descended many Kings including Kings of France. According to this document which seems to be well documented my daughter who love to play princess may actually be related to real Princess.

Monday, May 5, 2008

Summer Vacation in New Hampshire

Summer is almost here and the kids are getting excited to go on our annual trip to New Hampshire. We normally go up to North Conway because it is close to one of our favorite day trips, Story Land. In case you have never herd of Story Land it is a park for kids with story book themes. What I like about Story Land as that the parents can ride along with the kids on all the rides.

One of our favorite rides was the Bamboo Chutes which is a flume type ride. You should have seen the kids faces when we went down the first time they had no idea what was going to happen. Neither did my wife Joy. Because she is originally from the Philippines she had never been to an amusement park.

One highlight from Story Land for my daughters was meeting Cinderella. The girl who played the part was wonderful. Story Land has tons of great rides for the littlest kids to even kid rides us adults can enjoy.

We love to go to North Conway because it has some awesome shops and restaurants. There is a shop with all Christmas stuff. It is full of life sized dolls that move and lights and trees. It's like Christmas in the summer. There is a scenic railroad and Tram ride that goes up into the mountain. North Conway is also located in away to go to some of the other great day trips.

Some of the other places we love to go to are Santa's Village and Clark's Trading Post. Like Story Land Santa's Village is an amusement park with at Christmas Theme. They have a huge flume a Rudolph roller coaster, and really cool monorail set up as Santa's sleigh. Clark's Trading post another family favorite has trained preforming bears. The bears swing on a swing walk on barrels and even ride a bike.

But because it is a four hour ride for us to North Conway we always stay overnight at the Comfort Inn right in down town. It's great because you get free waffles for breakfast and there is a Pirate Themes miniature golf course attached to the hotel. We usually book the hotel from Hotels Combined. We get a good deal and it's easy to book the hotel for the days we want. The great thing about North Conway is there are lots of hotels to choose from. You can go for super luxury to family priced. I personal go for family priced so we can stay longer and have more fun.

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Friday, May 2, 2008

Disclosure Policy

This policy is valid from 02 May 2008

The owner(s) of this blog is compensated to provide opinion on products, services, websites and various other topics. Even though the owner(s) of this blog receives compensation for our posts or advertisements, we always give our honest opinions, findings, beliefs, or experiences on those topics or products. The views and opinions expressed on this blog are purely the bloggers' own. Any product claim, statistic, quote or other representation about a product or service should be verified with the manufacturer, provider or party in question.

This blog does not contain any content which might present a conflict of interest.

To get your own policy, go to

Thursday, May 1, 2008

Buying a Used Car

Alfa_Romeo_147 Alfa Romeo Shinjuku parkImage via Wikipedia

If you live in England and you are interested in buying a used cars than there is only one intelligent place to search for that car. You need to check out the buy your car web site.

Buying used cars can be a bit tricky if you don't know what your doing. What I like about the buy your car site is that they have lots of useful features to help you become an educated consumer. They can teach useful skills like how to inspect used cars before you purchase. They also have an 18 point buyers check list to assist you further. They even tell you how to avoid scams.

They have an awesome selection of used cars ranging from Alfa-Romeo to Volkswagens. No matter what your taste in automobiles they have it available. Love to buy a used Jaguar or maybe a used BMW they have tons to choose from. Maybe you conservative and frugal when it comes to cars. Maybe you would like a nice Ford or maybe a Toyota. They got lots to choose from.

So no matter what your desired vehicles might be make sure you check these guys out so that not only can you find some awesome used cars but you can get the information to make an intelligent informed decision on how to spend your hard earned cash.

Finally have Page RanK

Google is one of the most successful search engines currently available on the internet.Image via WikipediaI checked my Google page rank today and I am happy to say that I have been given a page rank of three. It is about time that I have page rank. Thank you Google for giving it up.
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