Sunday, July 6, 2008

4th of July

like gilded cotton candyImage by pacbat via FlickrWell the Fourth of July is over and my three day weekend is coming to a close. We had a great celebration. We went to my cousin's house for a tasty barbeque and great fellowship. My cousin's husband is a chef so you know the spread was just amazing. We had, chicken, roasted potato's, hamburgers and hot dogs, sushi, fruit, and lets not forget the deserts.

Then that night we went to a fabulous fireworks display. The place we go to is great because we can lay out on a blanket in a big open field. They have vendors for food and drink and lets not forget the souvenirs. The girls got glow in the dark swords so they could be Jedi Knights.

The town even provides porta potties which comes in handy with little girls who love to drink lots of juice. They play music and have people dressed up in alien costumes dancing around. I wonder if there illegal aliens LOL.
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Angelina's Bike

I am very proud of my youngest daughter Angelina who is only years old. She always tries to be like her big sister Leona. At the beginning of the summer Leona decided it was time to put away the training wheels on her two wheel bike. Leona taught her self in a couple of days to ride her bike without the training wheels.

Well as they say monkey see, monkey do here comes Angelina too. With reluctance I took off the training wheels fulling expecting to put them back on in a few minutes of failure. But to my surprise within 15 minutes or so she was off and running. I think when I was four we still used tricycles and maybe big wheels. That was how we got away from the dinosaurs back in the day.

Schools out for the Summer

Well Leona finished up her first year of school and will be going on to first grade next September. I'm very proud of her. She did a great job in school this year and she loves it. She finished with a lot of exceeds expectations levels in many of her subjects.

Honestly I'm amazed at what they teach children in kindergarten now days. I think when we were kids we majored in coloring and eating paste. Leona finished kindergarten knowing how to read and write. They hope by the end og kindergarten to have kids look at a picture and write two or three sentences. Leona will write four or five.

When it comes to math again I'm impressed she can count to 100 by ones, two's fives, and tens. She can count backwards from 30 and she can do some basic addition and subtraction. I was told that they are teaching first grade level at kindergarten now.

Cafeteria Food

Prior to the end of the school year for Leona's Kindergarten the school had a bring a guest to lunch day. In order to prepare the students for next year when they will attend school full time the had them bring a quest to help them experience the concept of lunch in the cafeteria. So my wife Joy, my youngest daughter Angelina, and myself had lunch with my eldest daughter Leona.

We got to show her how to go threw a cafeteria line and pay for the meal. And when done with the meal how to trow away the trash and put the tray and silverware in the proper place to be washed. It is amazing how we take such simple things for granted and forget that someone had to teach us such simplistic things.

Needless to say Leona was excited to have us there with her, but Angelina was disappointed to not be able to go back to the class room after lunch. It had been many years since I had school lunch and i hate to say not much has changed in taste.