Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The CoTradeCo 1090/1090 Case Give Away

Recently Joy and I were looking into buying a couple of lap top computers. As we discussed the idea we realized that we would need to have a safe carrying case to protect our investment. While researching lap top computers and accessories we found out about a cool free contest. The CoTradeCo 1090/1090 Case Give Away.

This company will have a contest from June 27, 2008 to July 31,2008. The prizes are as follows, 1 Free Pelican 1090 Hard Back Lap Top Case. In addition to the CoTradeCo 1090/1090 Case Give Away, the company will be giving sell 10 additional units at only 10% which means you would only pay $7.80. In addition they will offer 90 more units at 10% below cost for $52.00 after the 10 at 90% sell out.

And if you can’t wait to see if you qualify for the free unit of the 90% off you can order one of 1,090 units sold right now for $10.90 off which means you would only pay $67.10. That’s is not bad at all. Even their normal full price of $78.00 is worth protecting your lap top computer from harm. So following the link to signed up today for the CoTradeCo 1090/1090 Case Give Away.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Missing My Dad

Today on Father's Day that I miss my Father Allen Linneaus Lunn who died 5 years ago this August 5th. We didn't always see eye to eye on must things, but I did love him very much and I miss him.

Happy Father's Day Dad!!!!!

I Love You.

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Happy Fathers Day

Well today is Fathers Day the day we celebrate fathers. Being a father is such an awesome experience. It is also an awesome responsibility. God has entrusted me with two precious little souls that are mine to shape and develop. It is up to me to teach them how to be decent, upright young ladies.

It is up to daddy to teach them right from wrong good from evil. It is my responsibility to deliver those precious souls entrusted to me by God, back to God. It is my job to teach them to love the Lord their God with all their hearts minds and souls, and to love their neighbors as themselves. So far I am encouraged because the kids seem to be on track.

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Saturday, June 14, 2008

An Unbeliever Questions Creation

Engraving of Rabbi Akiva Eger. Hebrew inscription reads: Image from WikipediaAn unbeliever once asked Rabbi Akiva, "who created the World?"
"God" replied the Rabbi.
"Prove it, " demanded the unbeliever.
Rabbi Akiva told him "Come back tomorrow."
When the man came back the next day, Rabbi Akiva asked "What are you wearing?"
"A Robe"
"Who made it?"
"The Weaver."
"I don't believe you, prove it." demanded the Rabbi.
"This is ridiculous. Can't you tell from the fabric and design that a weaver made this garment?" said the man.
"And you - can you not clearly tell that God made the world?"

After the unbeliever left, Rabbi Akiva explained to his students, "Just as a house was obviously built by a builder and a garment obviously sewn by a tailer, so was the world obviously made by a Creator.

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Word of God Blueprint of the World

If a builder erects a house without consulting an architect, how will the end product look? He might find his building lacking necessary doors, windows, or staircases. He might have mis-constructed a basic support beam so that the entire house will collapse shortly after completion. Every building must therefore be preceded by a plan. The first step towards construction is for the architect to draw up a complete map of the house, including each of its divisions, entrances, and exits. Then the builder follows the construction plan, transferring it into actuality.

Since Christ is the architect of our universe it was designed with the purpose of divine salvation. God knew before the foundation of the world that we would rebel against him and that he would need to come to this world and die for our sins and set us free to worship him of our own free will. Thank you Lord Jesus.
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Genesis One

Genesis Chapter One

1) In the beginning God created the heaven and the earth.
2) And the earth was without form, and void; and darkness was upon the face of the deep. And the Spirit of God moved upon the face of the waters.
King James Version

John Chapter One

1) In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God.
2) The same was in the beginning with God
3) All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made.
4) In him was life; and the life was the light of men.
5) And the light shineth in the darkness comprehended it not.

The King James Version

What Preceded the Creation of the Universe

Before creating the universe, Hashem *** brought into existence seven concepts which are essential for the functioning of the world:
1) Torah – The Word of God
2) Teshuva – Repentance
3) Gan Eden – The Garden of Eden
4) Gehinnom – Hell
5) The Kisay Hakavod – Heavenly Throne of Glory
6) The Bais Hamikdash – The Temple of God
7) The Name of Mashiach – Messiah or Christ

*** Hashem means the name of God. Jewish people believe the God’s actual name is to Holy of imperfect men to utter, so instead they say Hashem.

A) The World was created solely for the purpose of learning Torah ( The Word of God) and fulfilling its dictates.
B) Teshuva (Repentance) was conceived in order to maintain existence. A world without teshuva would inevitably perish in the face of Hashem’s judgment.
C) Gan Eden ( Garden of Eden) was conceived in order to insure a reward for the righteous.
D) The Heavenly Throne of God was conceived prior to the universe in order to manifest Hashem’s glory in the world.
E) The place where the shechina was to dwell permanently is the Bais Hamikdash ( The Temple) was conceived as a condition for creation.
F) The final goal of humanity is to attain the state of the days of Mashiach (Messiah or Christ); therefore the name of Mashiach had to be formulated even before the world’s inception.

The Midrash Says by Rabbi Moshe Weissman Benei Yakov Publications
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My Testomony

Priestly Ordination, a popular devotional depiction of ordination in the Roman Catholic Church from the 1920s.Image via WikipediaThe greatest thing that ever happened in my life is when Jesus Christ became the Lord of my Life. A lot of wonderful things have happened to me. I found the greatest wife in the whole wide world. Her name is Joy and she is my Joy from the Lord. God has blessed me with two beautiful little girls, Leona and Angelina. I love my family with all of my heart and I am very grateful to the Lord for this amazing blessing. But of all the blessings that God can bestow on any human being nothing is as wonderful as his Son Jesus Christ.

I was born into a Catholic home both parents and all four grandparents were practicing Catholics. When I was two years old my parents got divorced and because my mother could no longer receive communion she stopped going to church. When I was five she remarried a man who was an atheist. My new father soon became an alcoholic and my mother soon followed suit. I was separated from my father’s parents and soon had no contact with that side of the family. Unfortunately my stepfather’s family was no practicing Christians.

Although I still had a close relationship with my mother’s parents who were serious Catholics I was not exposed to church very much. My grandparent’s talked about Mary, and St. Jude, but didn’t talk about Jesus. And even though I went with them to church as a small child the Mass in the 1960’s was entirely in Latin.

But even though the dice were stacked against me God had different ideas. Even though I didn’t go to Church my heart was fixed on God. My earliest memories were of playing in a room in my grandmother’s house with Jesus sitting on the floor talking to me as I played. Now understand it may just have been my imagination, maybe Jesus was my imaginary friend but it is entirely possible it was him. This was a memory from when I was less than five prior to my mother remarrying and I was living with my grandparents.

Another early memory from that time was coming out to the living room during the Easter season. On the T.V. was a movie The Greatest Story Ever Told. When I found out it was about Jesus and I was all excited because it was about my friend. When they got to the part about the crucifixion I freaked out. I got mad and yelled at the T.V. and said “Don’t you know who that is? He’s the Son of God.” For weeks I tried to figure out how to make a time machine and go back in time and bring some U.S. Marines to take care of those Roman guys.

When I was about 6 or 7 the Holy Spirit started to convict my soul and I would cry myself to sleep because I knew I was a sinner and if I died in my sleep I would go to hell. Apparently I had reached the age of accountability and needed to get born again. Now please understand no one preached the gospel to me. I knew that Jesus was somehow the answer but I didn’t know how. I tried to read the scripture but was lost because I could barely read and of course where do you start to read a book. In the Beginning God created the heavens and the earth. After I read the first few chapters of Genesis I was completely lost.
My grandparents put me in Catechism study so I could make my first communion. I was convinced that once I had taken this step I would finally be saved. But of course I was disappointed to realize that I underwent a ritual but that was not enough to get me right with God. So as a child I went from Church to Church in my community looking for salvation. At about 8 years old I would ride my bike to a different church each week looking for salvation. Unfortunately no one took a little boy seriously may God have mercy on them on the Day of Judgment.

When I was 11 years old we moved to a different town and just before my 12th birthday I was walking down the road. A man drove down the road and stopped his car. He rolled down his window and called me over. He said “Has anyone ever told you about Jesus and the plan of Salvation?” I said “No. I have been looking my whole life to find the answer.” He told me the plan of salvation and right there in the middle of a dead end street I accepted Jesus Christ as my Lord and Savior. I don’t remember if I have ever seen this man again. But that day a stranger led me to the lord and I became Born Again.

For a while I attended a Baptist Church, then Assembly of God, then some variety of non-denominational churches. And for about 7 or 8 years I even attended a Messianic Jewish Congregation. And now with my wife I once again attend a Catholic Church because that is were she feels comfortable.

It doesn’t matter who variety of church you attend what is important is that you have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. Religion is nice but doesn’t bring salvation only the life changing personal relationship with Christ. So If you haven't yet made Jesus the Lord of Your Life I urge you to do it today.
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The Resurrection—Tischbein, 1778.Image via WikipediaTo forgive is to accept,
to put behind, let go,
and to remember him up high
who shed his blood for us below.

Wrongfully accused,
although perfect in every way,
Still, he paid the price for sin and gave his life away.

We do not deserve
his pain an agony,
but he chose to forgive,
to love, to set us free.

So when our hearts are in distress
remember what he did:
By death and resurrection
He taught us to forgive.

by Dara Lynn Ivaldi
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My Version of the Lord's Prayer

Andrea Previtali, TrinitàImage from WikipediaMy precious heavenly father. You are so holy and just. You are the king of both the living and the dead. May your kingdom come quickly in your return to earth. May your will be done in me in obedience even as it was done in our precious heart the Lord Jesus Christ. Please meet my needs according to your riches in glory in Christ Jesus. Forgive me all the sins that I have committed against both God and men. I willing forgive everyone who has ever said, thought or done any sin against me. Lead me in the paths of your righteousness and keep me on the straight and narrow path of life, protect me from the lies and deception of the devil so that I may please you in all things and bring a smile to your face.


Clark's Trading Post

If you are in the White Mountains of New Hampshire one of the fun family attractions is Clark’s Trading Post. The main attraction is the trained bear show, which lasts for about a half an hour. The whole family will love watching these trained black bears perform. They walk on barrels, swing in a swing and do a multitude of other tricks.

There is another show to enjoy as well The Seyranyan Family Circus you will be delighted by the extraordinary acrobatic and hand-balancing performances of these award-winning Russian artists a family of acrobatic contortionists that will absolutely blow your mind. In all my life I have never seen any individual do what these people do.

The great thing about the shows is that they happen twice a day so you don’t miss the fun or even if you just want to see it again. There is no extra charge to see the shows. This was helpful because my two year old fell asleep in my arms minutes before the first Bear Show. Thank God there was a second show for her to see.

You can also go for a 30-minute ride on the old-fashioned steam locomotive but beware the Wolfman an old prospector who chases the train off his claim. Watch the kids get excited as the Wolfman drives his old beat up car to chase the train and shoot his gun.

There are only a few rides a Clark’s but they are enjoyable the first of these is Merlin’s Mystical Mansion. Go inside this house and Merlin will turn your world upside-down. An allusion the will get your brain spinning.

Then go threw Tuttle’s Rustic House. It is the crooked house that is lots of fun to go threw. Watch balls roll uphill. And see lots of other amazing things in Tuttle’s crooked house.

Then for those who are feeling a bit athletic you can go for a climb. Ascend the 30-foot, quarter-scale replica of New Hampshire’s famous Old Man of the Mountain. Six climbing stations offer varying degrees of difficulty.

My children’s favorite is the bumper boats. But get ready to get soaked because these wonderfully fun bumper boats come armed with onboard water guns. Travel around the pond bump into each other and squirt people in other boats or unsuspecting people walking by.

There is a lot to keep you occupied for the day. They even have a giant sandbox for the little ones to enjoy.

The go threw the American museum on Main Street. This brick museum on Main Street is chock full of old time Americana. It contains treasures from our early electrical, mechanical, and advertising past such as fully restored nickelodeons, steam and gas engines and early household appliances.

There are lots of lots of fun gift and specialty stores as well. There are five shops to choose from the Main Gift Shop, Kilburn’s Photo Shop, The Main Street Candle Shop, The Maple Cabin, and the Liberty Press.

The Main Gift Shop is loaded with all kinds of souvenirs and is excisable from the out side as well. Clark’s has the largest and most well stocked gift and souvenir shop in the White Mountains. Inside you will find a wide selection of candy, home-style fudge, T-shirts, jewelry, moccasins, cedar crafts, toys, mugs, stuffed animals, knives and more!

You can visit the Main Street Candle Shop. Indulge your senses as you browse through a large collection of candles, curiosities and comforts for the home. While you’re there, treat yourself to an exciting experience by creating colorful candles at our dipping stations.

The swing by world famous The Maple Cabin a get some real maple syrup. Visit this rustic cabin to stock up on quality maple products, Salmon Falls stoneware and New England crafts. While you’re there, grab a popgun for your journey into Wolfman’s territory on the White Mountain Central Railroad.

Then go to the Liberty Press on Main Street. Put your name in the headlines or on a “Wanted” poster in just minutes. While your customized print is rolling hot off the press, you can shop for a variety of other personalized items like dog tags, license plates, stationary, plaques and beads.

My family’s favorite was Kilburn’s photo shop. You can dress up in old fashion clothes and have your picture taken. We dressed up in Civil War clothes and had a sepia old fashion family photo. You can also have the pictures in color if you like. You can get period clothing in Western, Civil War, Victorian or even 1920’s gangster.

And don’t forget to get some lunch atone of several very tasty snack bars. There’s the Whistle Stop Snack Bar, Pullman’s Pizza and Subs, The Popcorn Wagon, the Peppermint Saloon.

Near the entrance at the train station is The Whistle Stop Snack Bar. From burgers and fries to sandwiches, the Whistle Stop is the ideal place to spy a steam-train while you dine at the outdoor picnic tables adjacent to the White Mountain Central Railroad. Thick shakes, soda, coffee, and soft serve ice cream are also available.

Not far way is The Popcorn Wagon, a favorite stopover for a quick snack en route to the show arena. Munch a bunch as you watch the Bear Show and Seyranyan Family Circus performances.

Then down on Main Street we have two more eateries. For food you will find Pullman’s Pizza and Subs a Main Street staple for home-style pizza. If pizza doesn’t pique your palette, try a freshly made submarine sandwich and wash it down with a cold soda. Soup, cookies, chips, and other snacks are offered as well.

For the best ice cream you ever ate you could wonder down Main Street to The Peppermint Saloon. Build your own White Mountain of ice cream with all the fixings and toppings for a monumental sundae masterpiece. Let us mix you up an old-fashioned root-beer float! The ice cream parlor is a perfect place to cure your cravings for something cool. Hard ice cream served here.

If you enjoy eating your meals outside go to The Picnic Pavilion. Enjoy your meal from any of our food service options in the shade overlooking the Pemigewasset River. The Pavilion also serves as an alternate location for the Seyranyan Family Circus during inclement weather.

With very reasonable admission prices Clark’s is a fun day in the White Mountains of New Hampshire located in Woodstock it is a must see day trip when visiting New Hampshire in the summer.

2007 Admission Prices

Age 6 & Up - $15.00
Age 3 to 5 - $6.00
Under 3 - FREE
Senior Citizen (65 and over) - $14.00
Adult Season Pass - $49.00

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New Look

No that I am over my Google page rank porking I am ready to get back to work and start to blog again. So the first step was to redesign by site and give it a fresh new look. I dropped the 3 columns for a two-column design. This is a simple easy to ready clean design. It is my hope that this new look will give me fresh new out look on my site and motivate me to build a successful site.

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No More Depression

As you have most likely noticed I have not touched my blog in a while. It was because I was depressed for losing my page rank. I worked hard and acquired a page rank of 3 and was able to start making some money with my blog. I was happily doing some tasks and making some cash flow.

Then Google stuck it to me because those scumbags think they are the only ones on the web who should make a profit. So Google took away my page rank because of the companies who where paying me for my opinion on certain products and services.

Now that my page rank is gone the tasks have all dried up. So the jerks that caused me to loose my page rank in the first place have abandoned me because I lost my page rank. Quite a fickle bunch.

Google whole existence is based on those of us who create a constant stream of content, but then they screw us for taking advantage of our hard work. They would not complain if it were Google Ad Sense you made money on, but screw anyone else.

Smorty, Pay Per Post, Blogertize and the rest want you to build up your page rank so that they can assign you tasks were you blog about a topic and receive compensation. This causes The Lord God Google to take away you page rank if you do too many of them in to short a period of time. As soon as your page rank disappears they act like they don’t know you even around any more until you regain your page rank.

So the moral of the story is if you are going to do any paid posts make sure that you do several posts in-between the paid posts so that Google will do punish you. You worked hard to get that page rank be cautious how you use it.

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